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‘Lock Your Moments’ About 3D Casting

About 3D Casting.

3D casting is a three dimensional replica of hands and feet captured in meticulous detail and preserved for perpetuity. It is a trend that started after Queen Victoria engaged artists in capturing the hands of her kids. Queen Victoria commissioned marble copies of her children's forearms and feet. The carvings were based on a plaster cast made from moulds taken while the child slept.

3D castings are particularly popular for preserving infant’s hands and feet, adult’s hands and feet and bellies of pregnant women. 3D Casting suits all ages, from newborns to adults. We want you to be relaxed and at your ease which is why all of our products and materials are hypo-allergenic and completely natural. They are all widely tested and completely safe even for the most sensitive skin of babies. Overall, it will take approximately 2-3 weeks for your finished cast to be ready for you. To display your casting we also have a range of exquisitely-made plinths and frames available to make capturing the moment even more special..


All of the prices we quote are for casts finished in silver, gold (metallic) and copper (bronze). Another fantastic option casting provides is to capture wedding/engagement rings. Rings look stunning in casts and details are captured perfectly which makes it a great way to commemorate those special moments in your life. We can additionally paint over the band in our silver or gold and add a small gem to it for that special, finishing touch.


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